OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X: Architecture, Performance, and Integration

OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X: Architecture, Performance, and Integration

作者: Robert P. Kuehne J. D. Sullivan
出版社: Addison Wesley
出版在: 2007-12-27
ISBN-13: 9780321356529
ISBN-10: 0321356527
裝訂格式: Paperback
總頁數: 368 頁



The Macintosh has fully embraced OpenGL throughout its visual systems. In
fact, Apple's highly efficient, modern OpenGL implementation makes Mac OS X
one of today's best platforms for OpenGL development. OpenGL®
Programming on Mac OS® X is the first comprehensive resource for every
graphics programmer who wants to create, port, or optimize OpenGL applications
for this high-volume platform.
Leading OpenGL experts Bob Kuehne and J. D. Sullivan thoroughly explain the
Macintosh's diverse OpenGL APIs, both old and new. They illuminate crucial
OpenGL setup, configuration, and performance issues that are unique to the
Macintosh platform. Next, they offer practical, start-to-finish guidance for
integrating key Mac-native APIs with OpenGL, and leveraging the full power of
the Macintosh platform in your graphics applications. Coverage includes

A thorough review of the Macintosh's hardware and software architectures
and their performance implications
In-depth, expert guidance for accessing OpenGL from each of the Mac's
core APIs: CGL, AGL, and Cocoa
Interoperating with other Mac APIs: incorporating video with QuickTime,
performing image effects with Core Image, and processing CoreVideo data
Analyzing Mac OpenGL application performance, resolving bottlenecks, and
leveraging optimizations only available on the Mac
Detecting, integrating, and using OpenGL extensions
An accompanying Web site contains all example code, plus additional
OpenGL-related resources.
This book will be especially valuable to current Macintosh programmers
seeking to leverage OpenGL's power; all OpenGL developers porting their
applications to the high-volume Mac platform; and cross-platform graphics
developers who want to access more of the Mac platform's native power.


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