Docker Management Design Patterns: Swarm Mode on Amazon Web Services

Docker Management Design Patterns: Swarm Mode on Amazon Web Services

作者: Deepak Vohra
出版社: Apress
出版在: 2017-11-05
ISBN-13: 9781484229729
ISBN-10: 148422972X
裝訂格式: Paperback
總頁數: 320 頁


Master every aspect of orchestrating/managing Docker including creating a Swarm, creating services, using mounts, scheduling, scaling, resource management, rolling updates, load balancing, high availability, logging and monitoring, using multiple zones, and networking. This book also discusses the managed services for Docker Swarm: Docker for AWS and Docker Cloud Swarm mode.
Docker Management Design Patterns explains how to use Docker Swarm mode with Docker Engine to create a distributed Docker container cluster and how to scale a cluster of containers, schedule containers on specific nodes, and mount a volume. This book is based on the latest version of Docker (17.0x).
You will learn to provision a Swarm on production-ready AWS EC2 nodes, and to link Docker Cloud to Docker for AWS to provision a new Swarm or connect to an existing Swarm. Finally, you will learn to deploy a Docker Stack on Docker Swarm with Docker Compose.
What You'll Learn

Apply Docker management design patterns
Use Docker Swarm mode and other new features
Create and scale a Docker service
Use mounts including volumes
Configure scheduling, load balancing, high availability, logging and monitoring, rolling updates, resource management, and networking
Use Docker for AWS managed services including a multi-zone Swarm
Build Docker Cloud managed services in Swarm mode

Who This Book Is For
Docker admins, Docker application developers, and container as a service (CAAS) developers.  Some prerequisite knowledge of Linux and Docker is required. Apress Pro Docker is recommended as a companion to this book.


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