Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Real Application Clusters

作者: Murali Vallath
出版社: Digital press
出版在: 2003-10-22
ISBN-13: 9781555582883
ISBN-10: 1555582885
裝訂格式: Paperback
總頁數: 781 頁



Clustered configuration first hit the scene nearly 20 years ago when
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) introduced the VaxCluster. Until now, the
topic of Real Application Clusters (RAC) implementation had never been fully
explored. For the first time, Murali Vallath dissects RAC mysteries in his
book Oracle Real Application Clusters to enlighten and educate readers on the
internals of RAC operations, cache fusion, fusion recovery processes and the
fast reconfiguration of RAC.This book provides comprehensive coverage of
the features, technology and principles of RAC that is part of the Oracle9i
release of Oracle's RDBMS product. It is divided into three main parts:
application/database design, development and maintenance life cycles.
Compared to its predecessor OPS, the architecture behind RAC
implementation have changed significantly. Vallath discusses Oracle9i features
in a RAC implementation with respect to usage and design considerations, as
well as those parameters that are and are not applicable. Areas covered
include partitioning, indexes, tablespace management, transaction management,
backup and recovery principles. Performance tuning with examples,
troubleshooting and problem solving scenarios are covered in detail, as well
as discussions on the migration process from a single instance database to RAC
and migration from an OPS implementation to RAC.Oracle Real Application
Clusters takes readers through a logical flow from RAC concepts to operations,
covering each facet with a fine-tooth comb. Vallath’s skilled writing style
makes each chapter entertaining and informative as only a true RAC connoisseur
can provide. New and experienced users of RAC, as well as those seeking to
expand their knowledge of this dynamic technology, will find this book to be a
necessity for both home and office reference libraries.
Table of Contents

Part I: Concepts – Business Requirements, Hardware Concepts, Oracle
Concepts; Part II: Architecture – RAC Architecture, Transaction Management,
Parallel Processing, Designing Databases, Installation and Configuration,
Parameters and Views; Part III: Operations – Availability and Scalability,
Migration, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning – Tools and Utilities,
Performance Tuning a Single Instance, Performance Tuning the Cluster,
Problem Diagnosis, RAC Implementations; Part IV:


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