Progressive Web Apps with Angular: Create Responsive, Fast and Reliable Pwas Using Angular

Progressive Web Apps with Angular: Create Responsive, Fast and Reliable Pwas Using Angular

作者: Hajian Majid
出版社: Apress
出版在: 2019-05-28
ISBN-13: 9781484244470
ISBN-10: 1484244478
裝訂格式: Quality Paper - also called trade paper
總頁數: 347 頁


Harness the power of Angular to build fast, high performance progressive web apps that work offline. Learn exactly how to create an Angular Progressive Web App (PWA) from scratch, how you can use different tools to audit and improve it, and leverage Angular CLI or Workbox to turn your app into a PWA.
Using browser APIs - including the Credential Management, Payment Request, Geolocation, Web Bluetooth, WebUSB and Generic Sensors APIs - you can unleash the potential of PWAs and build applications that enhance user experience. Angular's game-changing built-in features, including the Angular service worker module, can be leveraged to construct responsive and reliable PWAs that can look and feel just like native mobile apps.
You'll learn how to boost your app speed, how to increase user engagement using push notifications, and how to implement offline storage and different caching APIs in Angular. You'll even see how to convert an existing Angular app into a PWA.
Whether you're new to building PWAs, or want to learn how to use Angular to improve your app development, Progressive Web Apps with Angular provides the know-how to build and deploy an Angular PWA.

What Readers Will Learn

Build an Angular app that looks and feels just like a native mobile app
Audit and improve an Angular PWA with different tools
Increase user engagement by using push notifications
Offline storage and different caching APIs in Angular
Implement modern technologies into an Angular PWA

Who This Book Is For
Developers with basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and Angular


Majid Hajian is a mobile and web developer based in Oslo with over 10 years of experience in software engineering. He enjoys writing technical articles, meeting other developers and speaking at conferences and events, and contributing to open source projects. He has authored courses on PWA development, and has been using Angular to develop web applications for more than five years. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with other developers who are looking for resources to help them improve their work.


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