Mastering Azure Machine Learning - Second Edition: Execute large-scale end-to-end machine learning with Azure

Mastering Azure Machine Learning - Second Edition: Execute large-scale end-to-end machine learning with Azure

作者: Körner Christoph Alsdorf Marcel
出版社: Packt Publishing
出版在: 2022-05-10
ISBN-13: 9781803232416
ISBN-10: 1803232412
裝訂格式: Quality Paper - also called trade paper
總頁數: 624 頁


Supercharge and automate your deployments to Azure Machine Learning clusters and Azure Kubernetes Service using Azure Machine Learning services
Key Features

  • Implement end-to-end machine learning pipelines on Azure
  • Train deep learning models using Azure compute infrastructure
  • Deploy machine learning models using MLOps
    Book Description
    Azure Machine Learning is a cloud service for accelerating and managing the machine learning (ML) project life cycle that ML professionals, data scientists, and engineers can use in their day-to-day workflows. This book covers the end-to-end ML process using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, including data preparation, performing and logging ML training runs, designing training and deployment pipelines, and managing these pipelines via MLOps.
    The first section shows you how to set up an Azure Machine Learning workspace; ingest and version datasets; as well as preprocess, label, and enrich these datasets for training. In the next two sections, you'll discover how to enrich and train ML models for embedding, classification, and regression. You'll explore advanced NLP techniques, traditional ML models such as boosted trees, modern deep neural networks, recommendation systems, reinforcement learning, and complex distributed ML training techniques - all using Azure Machine Learning.
    The last section will teach you how to deploy the trained models as a batch pipeline or real-time scoring service using Docker, Azure Machine Learning clusters, Azure Kubernetes Services, and alternative deployment targets.
    By the end of this book, you'll be able to combine all the steps you've learned by building an MLOps pipeline.
    What you will learn
  • Understand the end-to-end ML pipeline
  • Get to grips with the Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Ingest, analyze, and preprocess datasets for ML using the Azure cloud
  • Train traditional and modern ML techniques efficiently using Azure ML
  • Deploy ML models for batch and real-time scoring
  • Understand model interoperability with ONNX
  • Deploy ML models to FPGAs and Azure IoT Edge
  • Build an automated MLOps pipeline using Azure DevOps
    Who this book is for
    This book is for machine learning engineers, data scientists, and machine learning developers who want to use the Microsoft Azure cloud to manage their datasets and machine learning experiments and build an enterprise-grade ML architecture using MLOps. This book will also help anyone interested in machine learning to explore important steps of the ML process and use Azure Machine Learning to support them, along with building powerful ML cloud applications. A basic understanding of Python and knowledge of machine learning are recommended.


  1. Understanding the End-to-End Machine Learning Process
  2. Choosing the Right Machine Learning Service in Azure
  3. Preparing the Azure Machine Learning Workspace
  4. Ingesting Data and Managing Datasets
  5. Performing Data Analysis and Visualization
  6. Feature Engineering and Labeling
  7. Advanced Feature Extraction with NLP
  8. Azure Machine Learning Pipelines
  9. Building ML Models Using Azure Machine Learning
  10. Training Deep Neural Networks on Azure
  11. Hyperparameter Tuning and Automated Machine Learning
  12. Distributed Machine Learning on Azure
  13. Building a Recommendation Engine in Azure
  14. Model Deployment, Endpoints, and Operations
  15. Model Interoperability, Hardware Optimization, and Integrations
  16. Bringing Models into Production with MLOps
  17. Preparing for a Successful ML Journey


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