Biological Data Mining (Hardcover)

Biological Data Mining (Hardcover)

作者: Jake Y. Chen Stefano Lonardi
出版社: CRC
出版在: 2009-09-01
ISBN-13: 9781420086843
ISBN-10: 1420086847
裝訂格式: Hardcover
總頁數: 733 頁



Like a data-guzzling turbo engine, advanced data
mining has been powering post-genome biological studies for two decades.
Reflecting this growth, Biological Data Mining presents
comprehensive data mining concepts, theories, and applications in current
biological and medical research. Each chapter is written by a distinguished
team of interdisciplinary data mining researchers who cover state-of-the-art
biological topics.

The first section of the book discusses challenges
and opportunities in analyzing and mining biological sequences and structures
to gain insight into molecular functions. The second section addresses
emerging computational challenges in interpreting high-throughput Omics data.
The book then describes the relationships between data mining and related
areas of computing, including knowledge representation, information retrieval,
and data integration for structured and unstructured biological data. The last
part explores emerging data mining opportunities for biomedical

This volume examines the concepts, problems,
progress, and trends in developing and applying new data mining techniques to
the rapidly growing field of genome biology. By studying the concepts and case
studies presented, readers will gain significant insight and develop practical
solutions for similar biological data mining projects in the



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