Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, 2/e (IE-Paperback)

Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, 2/e (IE-Paperback)

作者: Behzad Razavi
出版社: McGraw-Hill Education
出版在: 2016-03-01
ISBN-13: 9781259255090
ISBN-10: 1259255093
裝訂格式: Paperback
總頁數: 800 頁


Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits by Behzad Razavi, deals with the analysis and design of analog CMOS integrated circuits, emphasizing fundamentals, as well as new paradigms that students and practicing engineers need to master in today's industry. Because analog design requires both intuition and rigor, each concept is first introduced from an intuitive perspective and subsequently treated by careful analysis. The objective is to develop both a solid foundation and methods of analyzing circuits by inspection so that the reader learns what approximations can be made in which circuits, and how much error to expect in each approximation. This approach also enables the reader to apply the concepts to bipolar circuits with little additional effort.


Chapter 1 Introduction to Analog Design
 Chapter 2 Basic MOS Device Physics
 Chapter 3 Single-Stage Amplifiers
 Chapter 4 Differential Amplifiers
 Chapter 5 Current Mirrors and Biasing Techniques
 Chapter 6 Frequency Response of Amplifiers
 Chapter 7 Noise
 Chapter 8 Feedback
 Chapter 9 Operational Amplifiers
 Chapter 10 Stability and Frequency Compensation
 Chapter 11 Nanometer Design Studies
 Chapter 12 Bandgap References
 Chapter 13 Introduction to Switched-Capacitor Circuits
 Chapter 14 Nonlinearity and Mismatch
 Chapter 15 Oscillators
 Chapter 16 Phase-Locked Loops
 Chapter 17 Short-Channel Effects and Device Models
 Chapter 18 CMOS Processing Technology
 Chapter 19 Layout and Packaging
 Chapter Index


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