RFID and Beyond: Growing Your Business Through Real World Awareness

RFID and Beyond: Growing Your Business Through Real World Awareness

作者: Claus Heinrich
出版社: Wiley
出版在: 2005-03-18
ISBN-13: 9780764583353
ISBN-10: 0764583352
裝訂格式: Hardcover
總頁數: 278 頁



  • RFID is a groundbreaking technology that will
    serve as a replacement for UPC codes and has already been adopted by both
    Wal-Mart and Target, with the U.S. Department of Defense-the largest consumer
    of goods in the world-expected to follow suit Leading business and
    technology experts offer contributions, business scenarios, and insights on
    the value of RFID for both companies and the end consumer
    helpful information for individuals in the industry who are struggling to
    solve the technical, organizational, and strategic problems involved in
    implementation* Includes in-depth coverage on how to avoid mistakes and
    succeed with RFID, as well as a look at the value of RFID for both companies
    and end consumers
    Table of

PART I: Real World Awareness in

  1. Business Navigation and Real World Awareness.

  2. How Real World Awareness Will Change Your

  3. The Technologies of Real World Awareness.

  4. Business Process Design and Optimization.

  5. Implementing Real World Awareness.

  6. People, Privacy, Politics.
    PART II: Experts in Real World
  7. Mastering the Legal Challenges.
  8. The Impact of RFID on Supply Chain Efficiency.

  9. Exploding Edges and Potential for Disruption.

  10. The X Internet Unleashes Real World Awareness
    Services Revolution.


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