Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework (Paperback)

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework (Paperback)

作者: Rod Johnson J?rgen H?ller Alef Arendsen Thomas Risberg Colin Sampaleanu
出版社: Wrox Press
出版在: 2005-07-08
ISBN-13: 9780764574832
ISBN-10: 0764574833
裝訂格式: Paperback
總頁數: 676 頁



  • This in-depth, authoritative book-written by
    the lead developers of the Spring Framework-describes common types of problems
    faced by Java developers and then shows how Spring can help solve them
    Covering the complete spectrum of Java development, the book introduces
    well-known techniques (such as design patterns) to solve problems as well as
    new and innovative approaches that can be used in conjunction with other
    popular open source technologies like Hibernate and Velocity
    Lead author
    Rod Johnson's two previous books introduced readers to the concepts of the
    Spring Framework, and this title goes further to explain how the Spring
    Framework provides a set of functions and tools that can greatly simplify
    development and testing
    Table of
    Chapter 1: Introducing the Spring Framework.

Chapter 2: The Bean Factory and Application
Chapter 3: Advanced Container Concepts.
Chapter 4: Spring and AOP.
Chapter 5: DAO Support and JDBC Framework.

Chapter 6: Transaction and Resource Management.

Chapter 7: Object/Relational Mapping.
Chapter 8: Lightweight Remoting.
Chapter 9: Supporting Services.
Chapter 10: Acegi Security System for Spring.

Chapter 11: Spring and EJB.
Chapter 12: Web MVC Framework.
Chapter 13: Web View Technologies.
Chapter 14: Integrating with Other Web
Chapter 15: The Sample Application.
Chapter 16: Conclusion.
Appendix A: Requirements for the Sample


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