CS50 Internet Primer

IP Address

uniquely identify itself on the internet, your machine needs an address.
32 bits.(IPv4)


//2001:4860:4860:0:0:0:8844(google) 2001:4860:4860::8844

DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

Prior to the widespread promulgation of DHCP, the task of
assigning IP addresses fell to a system administrator,
who would need to manually assign such addresses.


Domain Name System

Access Points

One of the wyas we've dealt with the IPv4 addressing problem
is to start assigning multiple people to the same IP address.

The IP address is assign to a router, those job it is to act as a
traffic cop that allows data requests from all of the devices on
your local network (your home or business, e.g.) to be
processed through a single IP address.

wide-area networks(WANs)

private => router => Internet (interconnected network)

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W12_API 自己做 [ BE101 ] 實作之二

W12_API 自己做 [ BE101 ] 實作之二



OAuth2.0 三部曲(3) - OPENID CONNECT(OIDC) 身分認證機制

OAuth2.0 三部曲(3) - OPENID CONNECT(OIDC) 身分認證機制